There is no accidental success or satisfaction in marriage. There is nothing like, “Oh you’re lucky that, your marriage IS successful.” Every marriage that succeeded or lasts for a long time doesn’t just happen by accident, a lot of work were done behind the scenes.

For your marriage to last, you must do something about it because the success or longevity of any marriage depends on the couple . Your marriage is what you make of it. The quality of your marriage rests on your shoulders.

Marriages don’t last long these days and a lot of things are responsible for that. The life expectancy of marriages these days is between a month to five years. It’s quite alarming. The global divorce rate is scarily crazy

So, if you’re single, engaged or married, you need to know these things I’m about to share with you. These are the things that make marriage to lasts…

1. Compatibility

The marriage that lasts is one where the couple is compatible to and with each other.

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